Customs Law

  • Tariff classification of goods

  • Legal advice on rules of origin and certificates of origin of goods.

  • Assessment of customs procedures and formalities in import and export transactions.

  • Strategic planning by using Special Customs Regimes.

How can we help you minimize risks arising from
customs procedures in foreign trade?

Globalization has not only helped blur the borders among markets, but also offers a greater range of suppliers for any given product.

Customs Regulations govern the exchange of goods among third countries. In a context of constant development of new regulations which affect transactions where several international legislations may converge, it becomes essential to obtain specialized advice to address the following questions:

Our high level of specialization allows us provide accurate answers to the casuistry raised by our Clients in an agile and effective way.

  • Which is the suitable tariff classification for my product?  And for replacement and parts thereof? Is there any special treatment for unassembled or disassembled products?

  • What customs duties apply to the import of my products in any given country? Is there any additional trade restriction? What are the implications of a product originating from the European Union or from a third country?

  • When two or more countries are involved in the manufacturing of a product, can we identify the territory in which the last substantial transformation took place?

  • Is my product eligible for preferential treatment in the import country based on its origin? Do we know what are the requirements for certifying the origin to take advantage of this?
  • Are we familiar with the customs procedures and formalities regarding import and export transactions? Do we need any import/export license or certificate? Must our invoice comply with any specific formality for import customs clearance? Do we know the risks of exporting under Ex-works or DDP Incoterms 2020 Rules?
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