In-Company training

We provide training concerning our practice areas to our customers´ sales, purchases, supply chain, back-office and financial departments. This training aims at creating a sound knowledge base in each company, by helping them develop model contracts, standardized documents and procedures to provide security to their foreign trade operations.

Some examples of our training:

  • Incoterms® 2020 Rules: case studies.
  • Negotiation of an international sales contract, both as seller or buyer.
  • Managing commercial risks in international contracts.
  • A practical approach to Force Majeure and Hardship in international contracts
  • ICC model contracts: international sales, commercial agency, distributorship, turn-key…
  • Handling of documents in an import/export transaction.
  • Negotiation with our commercial partners (commercial agents and distributors).
  • A practical review of an export documentary letter of credit.
  • A practical approach to on-demand guarantees.
  • How to assess the rules of origin of goods.
  • Customs management: tariff classification and import documentation.
  • VAT in cross-border transactions.
  • Tax planning of services rendered abroad.
  • Rules on the  origin of goods.
This training is offered in Spanish and English languages.
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